We are our forefathers legacy

2 min readDec 8, 2021


We are our forefathers legacy

We are Africans

From our loins, we birth the genesis of civilization

Wrapped in centuries of traditions and legacies

Beautifully crafted complexities, uniquely designed

Blessed with so much fertility and natural resources

Stretching from the north to the south,

The east to the west.

We are tenacious, we are bold and beautiful

We refuse to allow external pencils draw the picture of who we are

We claim the right to tell our stories

Authentic, raw, heartfelt narrative

We renounce orchestrations, manipulations

Of those who seek to profit from

Telling untrue sadistic stories of Africa

So today, we rise not as people who are helplessly hopeless

But with finesse, we take centre stage,

Writing a new page every day of our beautiful victories

In these streets, we carve in stone

A legacy for generations to come

We stand tall, unashamed

Cos we own the narrative

From Nkrumah to Kagame, the Sahara to the Atlantic

We see life transformed

Formations and definitions of new economic prosperity

Beauty queens with brains crushing world records

Athletes of African descent setting new world records

The paradigm of technology innovation is shifting

Africans are beginning to scratch the surface,

A click, tik, beep, dawn of innovation

In the minds of the youth

I see a future of undeniable abundance

The bottom of the pyramid has now become the centre of attraction

Disruption that transcends the confines of world predictions

We are a movement, casting down every chain

Physical and in the mind,

Setting aside every hindrance

Putting away every barrier and self-imposed demarcations

We are no longer interested in fighting those battles anymore

We unite, we merge landscapes, put our minds together

Together we move, together we rise,

Rise like the eagle with endless possibilities

Together, we are our forefathers legacy.




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