The Power of Consumer Stories in Digital Marketing

Sharing positive stories from consumers about a brand can be a highly effective digital/online marketing strategy.
To stay relevant, and meet your sales goals, you need to constantly review your strategy. Most times that means focusing on high-performance engines, eliminating routine online efforts that might get you a feel likes with no real engagement.

According to Statista, The number of worldwide social network users is expected to reach 3.09 billion monthly active users by 2021, and global internet users spend some 136 minutes per day surfing social networks.

How can you get consumers talking about your products & services? How can you get them to become your voice in the digital space?

Start with giving consumers what they want and not what you think they want.

Moving your focus away from the brand to making the consumer the nerve of your strategy goes a long way in influencing how you are discovered, shared and experienced.

Wait! I hope you know that storytelling is the most effective way to get attention to your brand. If you don’t have brand messages with compelling narrative structures, you will find it difficult persuading and attracting connections.

Why is that? Research all over the world has shown that the human brain likes to interpret, store, and retrieve information in the narrative form. We remember stories because it gives us an opportunity to visually partake in the narrator’s experiences.

Stories can shape how consumers make purchasing decisions. If you know what consumers want, you can weave your offerings into compelling narratives.

Consumer-consumer storytelling is our everyday reality today on social media. So a consumer-consumer marketing strategy is inevitable to digital marketing success. There is an

average increase of 32% in purchasing consideration when consumer-based storytelling is employed in your strategy. (Research by MIT Sloan)

How can you leverage consumer stories as a brand?

  1. Facilitate the creation of consumer-generated content. Give out your product samples for free, or offer a freemium service and ask users to document their experiences and share on social media platforms.
  2. Don’t underestimate the value of offering a money-back guarantee to consumers. Offer 30–90 days money-back guarantee. offers a 365- day guarantee and both ways free shipping if customers decide to return or exchange products bought online.
  3. Give discounts on next purchase to consumers who give you feedback after their first purchase and allow you to use their stories on your website and social media platforms.
  4. Convert the stories into high-quality presentations. The stories need to be compelling but believable.

This is not an exhaustive list, but suggestions on how to use the power of consumer stories in your digital marketing strategy.



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