Motivation Does Not Come In A Jug

6 min readJun 15, 2022
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Yes, you read that right: motivation isn’t something you can buy or borrow. And it doesn’t come in any sort of packaging — not a jar, a jug, or an envelope.

If you’re looking for motivation, it’s not going to be sitting on the shelf at your local convenience store. You can’t just grab it by the handle and take it home. It isn’t going to be there waiting for you when you get back from work. And it definitely won’t be sitting on your kitchen counter, in your bathroom sink, or even underneath your couch cushions

You see, by its very definition, motivation is an inside job. It’s the reason I wake up and get out of bed every morning and seek to improve myself. And it’s the same reason I keep going even when things go wrong and life throws me curve balls.

Motivation is the drive to better yourself in some way. But according to my good friend Google, motivational quotes and memes aren’t the only ways to stay motivated — so let’s take a look at five truths about motivation that will help you stay on track:

Motivation doesn’t come in a jug because motivation is personal. It comes from within ourselves — from our own self-awareness and desire to succeed. Motivation can’t be bought or sold at retail prices.

Motivation is not something we should expect others to provide us with — it’s something we need to find within ourselves and draw upon whenever we need it most!

Motivation is a daily choice.

Motivation is a daily choice, not just a one-time thing.

Motivation isn’t just a feeling or something that magically happens to you when you need it most. It’s actually a state of mind and process that can be learned and applied consistently over time to achieve your goals.

You must first understand what motivates YOU before you can use it to motivate others (and yourself).

Motivation is a product of your thoughts

If you’re feeling unmotivated, it’s because you’re not thinking the right things.

You have to change your inner dialogue in order to get motivated again.


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