Hulu’s Quiz Lady Review

A Must-Watch for Fans of 90s Comedies, Game Shows, and Sisterly Love. Awkwafina and Sandra Oh Shine in Hulu’s Hilarious and Heartwarming Comedy Quiz Lady

3 min readNov 5, 2023


Awkwafina and Sandra Oh. Hulu.

Hulu’s ‘Quiz Lady’ is a delightful carousel of laughter and familial ties that whirls you into the zany world of trivia games and sibling camaraderie. With a stellar ensemble led by the charismatic Sandra Oh and the effervescent Awkwafina, ‘Quiz Lady’ intertwines humor and heart in a narrative that is as entertaining as it is evocative.

Narrative Arc

The narrative centers around a dysfunctional family finding solace and reconnection through a game show. The whimsical plot is much more than a superficial comedic venture; it explores the complex dynamics between the two mismatched sisters, portrayed splendidly by Awkwafina and Sandra Oh. Their journey unfolds amidst a backdrop of hilarious game show antics, which might be the key to mending their strained relations and solving family issues.

The story unfolds with Anne, a game show aficionado, finding herself in a whirlpool of troubles when her mother disappears, leaving behind a trail of gambling debts. Anne’s estranged sister, Jenny, unexpectedly steps into the chaos, igniting a journey filled with humorous misadventures and heartfelt discoveries. As the duo scrambles to pay off the looming debts, they find themselves tumbling into the eccentric realm of game shows, embarking on a quest to turn Anne into a game show champion to save the day.

Old School Comedy Vibes

“Quiz Lady” emanates a nostalgic ’90s buddy comedy aura, oscillating seamlessly between wacky sight gags and zippy one-liners, reminiscent of the comedic style of Penelope Spheeris’ “Black Sheep.” The narrative doesn’t shy away from delving into heartfelt relationship drama, adding a layer of emotional resonance that strikes a chord with the audience

The film basks in the warmth of sisterly love amidst the frenzy of colourful sets and quirky game show antics. The perfectly orchestrated comedic interplay between Sandra Oh and Awkwafina is the linchpin that holds the narrative together, ensuring a steady stream of laughter intertwined with moments of tender sincerity…




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