How to market with 0 dollar budget


Thoughtfully marketing a product or service can cost a good deal less than a penny. It only takes a few minutes of active time invested per customer, and costs can be as low as zero.

To be clear, what we’re talking about here is “organic marketing.” By organic, we mean that there are no paid advertisements or marketing campaigns. The marketing happens naturally because the product itself is good enough to promote itself through word of mouth.

One way to attract free customers is by providing value to people who can, in turn, attract traffic to your site. One good way to build your email list is by publishing articles on your site that provide value for readers. The articles should be well written and worthwhile.

To be clear, what we’re talking about here is “organic marketing.” By organic, we mean that there are no paid advertisements or marketing campaigns. The marketing happens naturally because the product itself is good enough to promote itself through word of mouth. Zero dollar marketing is a lot about focusing on the users’ behaviour to create marketing opportunities. A business should not only focus on what it does best but also on where its customers are spending their time.

A successful company is not one that thinks up features that users don’t know they want, build them, and then market the heck out of them. It’s one that delivers to its customers the right solution for their problems.

User acquisition is at the heart of any business. The user base you’ve built is not just a target for your marketing strategies it’s also the basis of your business model.

If your product or service doesn’t provide any value to the user, you will struggle to get anyone to pay for it. So even if you can get people interested in what you’re selling, they won’t be willing to pay. It’s hard to put a dollar figure on this benefit because it comes in so many different forms. Pleasure, fulfilment, community, quality of life — these are just some of the abstract benefits that keep users coming back for more.

What works?

Be Customer Focused

Be customer-focused “A business has to be customer-focused, it has to speak the language of the customers. You can’t be pushing what you think is cool, or pushing the technology. You need to understand what’s important for your clients. A company that does not speak for or understand the customer is doomed. If you want to be great, you have to start at the top and you have to start speaking the language of the customers.

You might be tempted to pay for traffic, or bombard your friends on Facebook with ads, thinking that you’ll get more for less. It doesn’t work that way.

Leverage Communities and Existing Circle Of Influence

Community is the best marketing. You need to leverage your community to do your marketing for free. This is commonly overlooked by businesses who spend a lot on advertising and marketing when it should be one of the biggest priorities in your marketing strategy.

Building a community is one of the best things you can do to position your business for growth. Your business might be too small to compete on a marketing budget with larger organizations, but by building a strong community, you will grow much faster.

How do you build communities?

Look for places where people post or talk about problems your product/service can solve.

Find communities around areas where your business could solve problems. Join community conversations and offer solutions to those problems. Show that you understand the pain the customer experience, that you have a solution that works, and demonstrate your ability to execute.

  1. Find groups or pages that people are creating on Facebook, Reddit, Quora etc.
  2. Look for signs of low quality
  3. Look for issues that are rarely mentioned by experts
  4. Look to see what can be improved 6. See if there are experts who are silent
  5. Find people who need help

Existing Circle Of Influence

Your Circle Of Influence is the people and networks you already have in place. You can use other people’s knowledge or relationships to get other people’s business. If what you are selling is both valuable and scarce, then you can leverage your Circle of Influence to close more sales. This doesn’t mean treating people like commodities. But it does make some sense to identify who your most influential assets are, and focus on making them more valuable. In business though, getting traction from your circle of influence might not be enough but could be a great head start.

The people in your circle of influence already know you. This means you can reach a lot more people in a smaller proportion of the time. It’s much easier to sell a product if the person who will use it already knows you. You can give them a call, send an email or contact them through social media channels. The timing is optimal because they will already have been exposed to your brand and services. They’re also likely to be interested in buying from you.

Content First Marketing Strategy

You don’t need to come up with ideas for your content. People give you their problems all the time — 1) in blog posts, tweets, and reader comments, 2) in email submissions and 3) in events or conferences. Think about what motivates people.

Content, not sales. We all know that sales are the ultimate goal of marketing. You have to sell to earn money, right? But the solution to the world’s problems doesn’t lie in selling more products, it lies in your ability to communicate your ideas in clear and engaging ways.

With a content-first approach, you are committed to the idea that the world’s problems can be solved with information. Instead of selling to you, we want to help you explore the world around you and discover other solutions to problems other than our own.

It feels awkward when a brand starts telling its story in a completely different way from its identity when the voice is different. In order to feel comfortable in the new storytelling world, you have to take a content-first approach to storytelling. You have to focus rather on your experience rather than your product or service.

A brand is more than product information. It’s the story of your company, how it got started, what motivates its people, why you do what you do — and how that story communicates with the people who matter to your business.

Be Consistent, and but in the hard work

Be consistent and put in the hard work. You can’t expect to be successful with 0 dollar marketing if you don’t put in the work of creating content, distributing, engaging and adding value. Be bullish. It’s not enough to show up every now and then. You have to be there regularly, contributing quality content that others know about well enough to read and share with their friends. If people don’t know about your work or what you do, they won’t want it or benefit from it at all.




I write about Business, Movies (Top Writer), Fiction, Inspiration, Poetry. and anything to make you win in life.

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I write about Business, Movies (Top Writer), Fiction, Inspiration, Poetry. and anything to make you win in life.

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