How AI Is Coming For Your Job

7 min readJun 24, 2022
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If you’re reading this, you might have spent years working hard to hone your skills at a job you love. But, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) may put the work you do at risk of being replaced by robots.

But before you panic, let’s talk about what AI is and how it works. AI is defined as a system that has the ability to “think” as humans do. It can be used in different industries to help improve products, services, and more. For example, AI can be used to automatically detect fraud in credit card transactions or analyze large data sets to help predict customer behaviour.

AI is already replacing call centre workers, retail workers, and even truck drivers — all jobs that were once thought to be safe from automation. But what does this mean for you? Are your skills set to become obsolete?

AI is increasingly present in the world of work

AI is growing in importance and it is already used in many industries. As AI continues to grow, it’s reasonable to assume that it will play a larger role in the world of work.

As we’ve seen with other technologies, people can initially be resistant to the idea of new technology replacing them at work — but then they adapt when they realize that their career prospects depend on it. As more companies begin using AI and find success with these tools, more people will feel compelled to follow suit and adopt artificial intelligence as well.

Some jobs that are more likely to be replaced

  • Jobs that require routine tasks: AI can automate these fairly easily, so they tend to be the first to go.
  • Jobs that require a lot of data processing: This is an area where AI has been making great strides, and it’s expected that many more jobs in this category will be automated over time.
  • Jobs that require a lot of pattern recognition: These are also an area where AI has been making progress, so they could face similar fates as those above.
  • Jobs that require a lot of data analysis: This is another category where automation using AI is becoming increasingly common — and likely won’t stop anytime soon.
  • Jobs that require a lot of data interpretation…

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