Fall seven times, stand up eight. — Japanese proverb

The proverb is “Nana korobi, ya oki” and it means “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

This proverb is about resilience, the ability to keep going no matter how many times you fall. It’s about not giving up, no matter how hard things get. And it’s a lesson that we can all learn from.

Life is full of setbacks and obstacles. We will all face challenges and setbacks at some point. It’s how we deal with it that matters most.

The ancient Samurai warriors had a concept known as “Bushido”. In the simplest terms, Bushido is about being a warrior and doing the right thing in every situation no matter what. It means sticking to your principles and doing what must be done even when it’s hard.

Bushido is about being resilient in the face of adversity. It’s about never giving up, no matter how tough things get. And it’s a lesson that we can all learn from.

Failure is hard to take, but it is an essential part of the learning process. The biggest mistake that leaders make is to believe that people can only learn if they experience success.

When life hits you with a new challenge, the hardest thing to do is just to get back up on your feet and fight back. It’s the whole point of life to struggle and overcome. Failure is a better teacher than success in this regard because it strikes us when we least expect it. So it’s no surprise that some of the greatest discoveries were made by falling over. If there were no failures, then everything would have been discovered long ago. If there were no failures, people would have never come up with the idea of trying to find out what happens if they mix baking soda and vinegar — or indeed, cream and custard powder

Many people lose their spirit to go on with any project after some small obstacles or minor failures. For many others, however, those moments become a source of motivation and inspiration. Among successful people, there’s usually a long period when they’ve had many failures, but have not given up their efforts to turn things around.

What separates the men from the boys, or the women from the girls, if you will, is what they do when they face a small defeat. When we’re talking about an early-stage project (and most of us start with very little money), a loss of funding, delayed launch date or many other issues are small defeats. Too many people just give up after these setbacks, thinking their project is doomed to fail.

Those who keep moving forward have learned something very important. They know what to do when life kicks them down.

What is it that makes some people invincible to setbacks? How do those people keep on running, even when the whole world seems to be against them?

  • Indomitable people have something within them which makes them believe always that those setbacks are just temporary. They never give up no matter how hard things get for them, and they only become stronger due to all the challenges that come their way. In fact, it is their greatest strength that allows them to work around any setbacks and achieve their ultimate goal.
  • Psychologists think that it’s all thanks to the way you manage your mindset, your psychology, and how you emotionally react to problems and difficulties. This is what separates successful people from unsuccessful ones.
  • Extreme persistence is a special gift. It’s the power that enables some people to keep going when everyone else might give up. It’s what allows athletes to win gold medals, startups to become unicorns, make people get to the apex of their profession.
  • Resilient people tend to have a positive outlook on life. They don’t dwell on their failures but instead focus on their successes and lessons learned.
  • A higher purpose in life, something that drives them to keep going no matter what. This could be a personal goal, such as becoming successful or helping others, or it could be a cause they believe in.

On a rainy day, with the windows closed and the lights off, it can be hard to see the value in what you’re doing to make your life better. But don’t give up! Remember all of those good things that drive you forward still sound in your heart. They are still there when you remind yourself what’s really important.

The next time you face a difficult situation, don’t give up. Keep standing up and fighting.

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