Don’t be Seduced by Complacency

2 min readApr 14, 2022
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Don’t be seduced by complacency

It is a strong seducer,

Walking around with its large, muscular arms,

Its big square jaw,

Its confident stance.

It has the power of persuasion,

And it can make you believe that a life

Without hard work and strife is enough.

But you have to have faith that there is more than meets the eye.

Complacency is a lie

It’s a Siren

It will lull you into its web of false security

and then it will eat you alive.

It will draw you in with promises of comfort

and ease and acceptance, but it’s all false.

Don’t be deceived by its siren song.

Don’t be seduced by complacency.

The sweet, slow poison of the status quo.

It will not kill you — this is true.

But it will slowly numb your pain.

And it will dull your drive to change.

Don’t be seduced by complacency,

or the ease of a simple path.

Carefully balance, with intentionality,

the life you want to have.

Don’t think that you can choose to be passive

and still change the world.

You won’t like what you see if you look too hard,

but it’s what’s already there.

So break down your walls and open your eyes —

see beyond what you’ve seen so far.

Don’t let the seduction of complacency

Sap your strength,

Suck your vitality,

Stomp your spirit.

For the world is full of wonder and adventure,

And it’s all just waiting to be explored.

So dream big and make it happen.

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