Can we create a socially distanced office?

Work from home is of serious consideration in times like this, but not everyone can work remotely. For employees who will work from a company’s physical location, a change in design and outlook can make a significant difference.

It is about changing the behaviour of people who have walked into the same office for years. Rearranging your office layout will alert people to the responsibility of being socially distanced by default.

Banking halls will need to remodel what visiting the bank looks like. Increase distance in waiting lines. Using tape on the floor to indicate the “line starts here” concept and placing tape markers at 6 feet intervals.

What will be the trade-off as a result of creating a social distance office? The clock is ticking to get it right, so we might not have enough time to count the cost.

Coworking spaces and start-up hubs that used to foster intermingling and innovation would have to find new ways to operate.

The challenge, however, is that we are in a very fluid and flexible situation. The worst time to discuss contingency planning is when the building is on fire

What we know about the pandemic to be true a couple of months ago is changing today, so we need to be abreast of all the observations and findings.

So much of what we have done in the world in the last 15 years has been all about creating communities in the workspace. Today, we are developing concepts to do the exact opposite. Keep people from congregating face-to-face and building communities.

But all hope is not lost. These modifications with style and grace in an attempt to implement social distancing in the workplace can serve as a catalyst in this period to improve how we work with climate change in mind.



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